Car Battery Replacement in Dubai, UAE

    • Car battery replacement 24/7
    • Mobile tire fitting
    • Special price for car batteries
    • From 12 to 18 months warranty
    • Quick delivery any place
    • Delkor, 3K Battery, SBK Batteries
    • Yokohama, Dunlop, Antares, Nexen

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Car Battery and Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE

Car Battery Replacement

Free Delivery Any Place

Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman

Delkor, SBK & 3K Battery

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Best solution in 30 minutes

Tyre replacement same day

Antares, Dunlop & Yokohama

Car Battery Replacement

TYBAT Express, you can order the installation of a battery on any car in Dubai, and all UAE. Our employee will arrive at the address indicated by you, having all the necessary tools with him and will replace the battery on the spot. Our professional staff is ready to install your Car battery any place. To do this, they have all the necessary equipment.

Mobile Tire Fitting

Even in an emergency on the road, it is important that assistance is provided not only in a timely manner, but also reliably and on favorable terms


  • We starting in 1 minute after your call
  • We make delivery new batteries at your location
  • Jump start your car
  • Auto battery replace
  • First-class equipment of our mobile cars
  • We work on Italian equipment
  • We work seven days a week
  • Experts with over 6 years of experience
  • We accept credit cards
TYBAT Express - Car Battery and Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE

Car Batteries

Delkor Car Battery Replacement in Dubai, UAE
Car Battery

What’s included in car battery replacement service?

A new car battery, removal & disposal of your old car battery, installation of your newly purchased car battery, testing your newly installed car battery. Estimated time for this service is up to 30 minutes.

Auto Batteries

Please make sure your car is parked in a place that will allow the pro to have full accessibility to install and test your new car battery.

Will the price shown be the total price I pay?
In almost all cases, prices shown are the total price to be paid.

Automotive Battery

Does my new car battery come with a warranty?

All our sold car batteries has from 12 to 18 months warranty. Please make sure to obtain a battery warranty card post having your new battery installed and before the pro leaves your premises.

Truck Batteries

Bus and truck batteries. Get your truck back on the road with a dependable battery from TYBAT Express. We carry all the best brands at the right prices. Our brands: BKT, TAITONG, FIREMAX. Best car and truck batteries for 2021 – 2022 in UAE.

Dry & Wet Battery

A wet-cell battery is the original type of rechargeable battery. A dry-cell battery does not contain liquid. Wet cell batteries are usually larger in capacity and carry a larger charge.

However, unlike a wet cell, a dry cell can operate in any orientation without spilling, as it contains no free liquid, making it suitable for portable equipment.

Dry batteries have relatively durable durability during hot conditions due to the slight evaporation process.

As for the wet battery, the evaporation process is faster, especially in very hot conditions. In addition, this battery can be used multiple times and can be refilled.

Auto Tyres

Car Tyres Replacement in Dubai, UAE
Car Tyres
We have wide range of tires. Free mobile service at your location. Free wheel balancing & rotation. Full range of premium quality branded tyres. Free balancing, alignment & inspection. Free installation. Lowest price in UAE. Free tire rotation. Free tubeless valves.
Auto Tyres

Our experienced team perform effective auto tyres puncture repair work. Our auto tyre repair service is available across all in UAE, focus Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman. Also you can get engine oil mobile service.

Truck Tyres

Full tire change service for truck & bus in Dubai. We also have a broad range of spare and new tires to keep your commercial fleet going on the road. Get in touch with us for more details.

Vehicle Tyres

Roadside assistance in Dubai, 24/7 tyre fitting – TYBAT Express. Transmission repair, engine repair, brake service, oil change, AC service work.

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Get our fitted tyres at home or work. Free fitting available when you book online. Mobile tyre fitting is a convenient and flexible option for customers and above all it is safe. All of our mobile tyre fitters practice social distancing.

We will Сome to Any Place

We will arrive at a time and place convenient for you. We will help with all the problems with your car.

Payment by Card

We accept payment both in cash and by card. We calculate the exact cost of services expertly and on the spot.

Jump Start Service

Whether you need a jump-start or a battery replacement in Dubai, we’ll be there in 30 minutes.

Satisfaction Customers

We hear our customers and make the maximum quality in a short time. We work on Italian equipment and use first-class equipment of our mobile cars.

Delkor Car Battery Replacement

Delkor Car Battery Replacement

Delkor® is a leading brand of Clarios – a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions.
3KBattery Replacement

3K Battery Replacement

3K Battery is a well-established brand of Thai Energy Storage PLC.
Ranger Automotive Batteries

SBK Batteries

SBK® is a well-known premium brand of AZB Automotive which takes pride in its exceptional product line-up.
BRIDGESTONE Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE
DUNLOP Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE
YOKOHAMA Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE
DUNLOP Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE
YOKOHAMA Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE
Car Battery & Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE - TYBAT Express

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Questions & Support
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How does the warranty work?
The warranty duration for a new battery from 12 – 18 months.

Your warranty entitles you to a free battery diagnostic check and a free replacement if the test results show that your battery is faulty.

To claim on your warranty, contact our TYBAT Customer Care on 800 TYBAT (89228) or via WhatsApp chat.

Where is the Battery Service available?
Our Battery Service can be ordered to most locations within Dubai, whether you are parked indoors or outdoors.
What is included in the Battery Service?
Our technician will run a full diagnostic test to find out what’s causing the issue – often, all it takes is a jump-start to get you moving again.

If the battery needs to be replaced, we’ll ask for your go-ahead before fitting a new battery.

800 89228

Car Battery & Tyre Replacement in Dubai, UAE - TYBAT Express